Empowering children to create a clean, green, sustainable world
for their future.

One child, one home, one village at a time.

At Earth Children Global, we believe every child has the inner power to create change in their own world. We assist them in finding and developing that power with education, environmental awareness and material support to transform their knowledge and dreams into positive action.

We are a non-profit group based in Bali Indonesia, and Byron Bay, Australia. Our aim is to provide a sustainable framework for re-establishing healthy ecosystems, nurturing children’s education, and supporting local communities in a win-win enterprise.

We work directly with the community to ascertain what their genuine needs are, and try to find ways we can fund that need in return for some real benefit to the local environment. By working directly with the kids and the community on the ground, and with an understanding and respect for their social and cultural traditions, we maintain strong local support within that community, and in this way create effective long term solutions.

By teaching the children to understand their natural environment and the toxic effects of the rubbish and pollutants currently degrading that environment, we are establishing long term positive change for the next generation. They learn practical alternatives to replace current destructive practices that endanger the health and wellbeing of the children, the community and the environment as a whole.

When people learn to honour the health of their environment, they learn to honour their own health and well being.

Our current project is based in the village of Penestanan, in the town of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. We aim to use our success in this village as a model that can then be implemented village by village across Bali. With the wider aim to ensure the future of Bali as a sustainably healthy and beautiful island, and to then implement this successful model across Indonesia and to other countries with similar environmental issues.

To find out more on what we have achieved so far in Penestanan, and what we are planning next, please go to our Projects page.

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