Be a volunteer with Eartchildren Global

Have you ever wanted to give some of your valuable time to making change and help the enviroment whilst interacting with the local Balinese culture. We have accomodation available to cater for singles and also families and groups in our bungalows and 3 new 1 room units situated at Topok House. Please click the link to View.

Being situated at our village o change you will be able to see and feeel the difference our Yayasan organisation has made. 

You may be the person that has a skill that can start a new project that can be taken to other villages as well as Penestanan.

a few hours, a day, a week or more, its up to you. Great intentions become great deeds through action!!

No skills required, just a desire to be part of a team that brings about change to the enviroment and Childrens lives for the better!

Who knows who you you will work with or beside in the field, river clean up or a classroom.

Start or join a project in your own area. Others may want to come or share their great ideas that we incorporate into our Project.