How you can help:
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If you feel inspired to share the love and help make a real difference to the recipients of our projects, you can participate in the following important ways…


Financial Support

We are very much in need of financial donations to keep Earth Children Global running. As with all good organizations, we have to pay for vital administration costs, computers, office equipment, and all that necessary stuff. We use donated time and equipment where possible, but some costs for these things are unavoidable.

We also need financial support to buy the necessary supplies and equipment to implement our projects. This money is used to purchase things such as:

*plastic gloves for picking up rubbish,
*garbage bags,
*food for the children,
*school books, uniforms and other school items for the children,
*basic medicines and first aid equipment,
*trees and plants for regeneration,
*building erosion control structures like walls, run-off drains, trash traps for the waterways, etc
*building recycling depots,
*playground equipment,

and so on, depending on the project.


Material support

You can also help us by donating materials needed to run the projects. We are always in need of any of the materials listed above, and any other materials/equipment you think may be helpful. We also require products to sell in out Earth Children Global shop. We are open to any offers or suggestions you wish to make. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.


Your valuable volunteer time

If you would like to offer your time and expertise in assisting Earth Children Global to implement its projects, please contact us. We look forward to any assistance you have to offer.


You can sponsor a Balinese child’s schooling directly by going to our sister organization, the Bali Children’s Project. By sponsoring a child to attend school, you give the gift of education to a child that may otherwise have no other means to improve their situation. Education is a gift that keeps on giving, long after the sponsorship has ended.


Please contact us for more details.


Visit the Earth Children Global On Line Recycled Products Coming on line soon

Earth Children Global is now producing recycled cloth shopping bags from natural fibre swatches. we are currently trialing the same knitted cotton fibre to produce Yoga mats at cost to help raise funds.

show your support for the children and the .enviroment

When in Bali, you can also join the children on their weekly rubbish collecting walks. Walks begin at Baligen Bungalows, Jalan Penestanan, at 7:30am every Sunday. For more information please call:

SATERA +6281238327017 or

NAROK  +628123998720