In November 2019 I was invited to the Penestanan Primary School By Made Darsa ( Director of Earth Children Global) to assist the school with funding for the buildings maintenance. To my surprise I was advised that the schools are built with the funds from the local Village Banjar and Indonesian Government as a non profit project. The maintenance from then on is the responsibility of the parents of the attending school children, this leads to a poor level of upkeep especially in poor villages.


My disbelief at the conditions of the school ( no wash basins, 2 working toilets, dilapidated walls and rotting tables and chairs ) led to an agreement with our Major sponsor ( Natalie Martin Collection LA ) to return in February and renovate the school.

In 23 days with a Balinese work crew of 5, Sartera and myself the project was completed under budget, and on time.

The transformation was incredible and very much appreciated by the staff and the children. Once again it proved to me what can be achieved with $3,000 US.

From NO washbasins to 6 working washbasins.

6 class rooms repaired and repainted, 2 toilet blocks repaired from 2 working toilets to 6 working toilets, 1 canteen area renovated and the painting of the exterior of the school.

60 classroom tables rebuilt as well as 30 stools repaired. 


Although we repaired and cleaned up the outside canteen area the task of erecting a permanent all weather roof remains as 1 of our next projects.  Hopefully with your help!!